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Posted by Neil Murdoch on 05/12/2011

Excellent site, well organised a credit to Plotty holders...best wishes from Dundee, Scotland

Posted by Simon Woodwatrd on 01/10/2011   Email

Hi all, I'm wondering if anybody on site has their own rotavator that I could borrow for a couple of hours? I'm a cheapskate and don't fancy paying huge amounts for a hired one, but would of course be willing to part with a few bottles of wine/beer for the use of a member's rotavator. Let me know at si_woodward@hotmail.com Cheers, Simon

Posted by Mary Jodoin on 22/07/2011   Email

it is incredible to see so many people have a great time all in the name of growing things!!

Posted by steph johansen on 15/07/2011


Posted by bill stevenson on 22/02/2011   Email

I have an electric greenhouse tubular heater 7 foot long for sale e mail if interested

Posted by john Guy on 22/02/2011

If anyone is interested in chickens I believe there are four and a hutch available these chickens are in need of being looked after and if anyone is interested they should call Boroughbridge Dental Practise on 01423322757 and speak with Debbie

Posted by John Guy on 16/02/2011

I bought a soil tester and the result comes out as Neutral PH7. Thought I would share this and now need to look at what will grow.

Posted by bil stevenson on 14/02/2011   Email

Ihave a number of gardening tools for sale also 4small plastic greenhouses Any one intrested give me an e mail I live at langthorne

Posted by T Ramsay on 07/01/2011   Email

Hi Now that the allotments are nearly ready, permafrost allowing, I would just like to remind all of the plot holders that I have well-rotted manure available - see previous posting. I am happy if some of you wish to get together and ask a local farmer to collect a load - there is NO CHARGE for the manure. Have a great 2011. Regards Toni Ramsay

Posted by Toni Ramsey on 20/07/2010   Email

Free well rotted manure available locally (Lower Dunsforth). Called black gold by many who use it. No straw in it. Please email to arrange collection.(kt@jack91.fsnet.co.uk) The very best of luck with the Boroughbridge Allotments

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